An Intrinsic Love for The Craft of Writing

Capturing Magic Through the Written Word

My love of books and for writing began at a young age. From the time I learned to read until now, I devour books on a variety of topics. I’ve turned my hand to many types of writing over those same years. The special turn of a phrase. The intrigue and mystery of a good story. The clarity and persuasiveness of a well-written piece of copy. These are the things that have always excited me.

I’m able to pursue my writing passion full-time. Plus, I get to help businesses and their owners get their message out, solve problems for their customers, and be financially rewarded for a job well done. Without someone to tell their story and the story of their products, those outcomes wouldn’t be possible.

My extensive research skills and fast learning ability mean that I can learn your business, your products, and your prospects inside and out. I dig deep for the motivations, emotions, and triggers that work for your market.




Productivity Made Simple

I Believe That an Entrepreneur Should Enjoy Their Business and Have a Life

I have a special mission. A mission to ensure that all entrepreneurs have a life. Not just a business life. I don’t want them to look back later in life and realized that their business took over their life–and life has passed them by.

Your business should be your servant. It should be productive (read profitable, efficient, and effective). It should provide you with a comfortable living and the time to enjoy your life. 

For most entrepreneurs, this is far from a reality. I want to make it a reality for all of them. Because life was made to be lived and enjoyed. You can’t build memories if you don’t show up.

Productivity Made Simple is my answer to this problem and a mission that has captured my heart.